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BoidVoid Map Creator

Any community member can create a map that can be used in a new BoidVoid game. Map creator is best to be used on a desktop device. Check it out HERE

Name & Size

Home page allows users to select the size and name of the map they wish to create or load.
On page:

  • Text Input Field - Input for map name (used as the name for saved json and png)
  • Sliders for selecting the X and Y dimensions of the map (limited between 1-50)
  • Buttons to increment/decrement the X and Y dimensions
  • Load Map Button - JSON file input in case you want to load an existing map and edit/verify it
  • CREATE MAP button - after choosing desired name and size go to the next screen

Map screen

Available buttons:

  • EDIT - edit chosen tile(s)
  • SELECT ALL - select all map tiles
  • DESELECT ALL - deselect all tiles
  • REMOVE SELECTED - remove selected tile
  • DOWNLOAD PNG - when done editing download map in PNG image format
  • DOWNLOAD JSON - when done editing download map in JSON format, ready to be used in BoidVoid game
  • Enable multi select - when ticked user can select more than one tile
  • Unselect on Apply - when ticked it will unselect selected tile(s) once changes are applied

Selecting Selecting_Tiles

When tile is selected user can choose various properties of the tile:

  • Tile Type: Clear, Asteroid field, Nebula, Conduit, Planet
  • Obstacle: Black Hole, Star Cluster, Quantum Rift
  • NPC: Space Pirate
  • POI: Space Oasis, Galactic Gateway, Abandoned Space Station, Meteor Shower Zone, Alien Artifact, Wormhole Entry, Lost Explorer's Ship, Dyson Sphere Ruins, Crystal Asteroid, Intergalactic Beacon, Space Time Anomaly
  • Captured: choose team that this tile belongs to

Editing Editing_Tiles

When ready Saving_Map