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Boid began with the mission to reward users for donating their spare resources to scientific research. Since its inception on August 18, 2018, Boid has evolved through various iterations of its reward system. It appeals to a diverse group, whether you are motivated by a vision of a disease-free world, are a gamer with resources to spare, or an NFT enthusiast.

Boid Contract Introduction

The Boid system contract is the center of the Boid ecosystem. Almost everything a person does on Boid will touch the system contract in some way.


The system contract is responsible for the following:

  • Purchase/create a Boid account
  • Sponsor a Boid account
  • Handle BOID tokens (liquid and self staked)
  • Delegated stake of BOID with arbitrary lock time
  • Receive and claim/decay Boid Power
  • Pay to upgrade a Boid account and remove the sponsor
  • Create and manage clubs (set tax fee and owner cut, managers, social media profiles)
  • Create PowerMods and apply them to accounts
  • Handle key based authentication (no chain account needed for basic actions)
  • Deposit and hold NFT as well as locking or burning of NFTs
  • System can create "Offers" where Boid accounts can exchange one thing for another ex: pay BOID to get PowerMod
  • stats are tracked automatically as global accumulations as well as time delineated (ex inflation per segment of time)

Get started

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