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Boid Avatars

Every user on the Boid platform will be encoruged to get their own Avatar. Boid Avatars will act as a unique pass to participate in future BoidVerse ecosystem with Defi and Play to Earn games that require the use of Boid Avatars for participation. Avatar rarity will also come into play with special advantages for users who own higher rarity avatars. works only on EOS blockchain at the moment but there are plans to support Telos Native in the future.

How does it work?

  • Pack NFTs can be opened to reveal Avatar Part NFTs.

  • Unique Avatar Templates can be designed by combining Avatar Part NFTs.

  • Anyone can mint from Avatar Templates. Pricing and rarity is determined by the the rarity rating of the parts used in the template.

  • 25% of profits from avatar minting goes to the account who designed the template. The remaining 75% BOID is burned.

  • we have 5 Rarity levels:

    Rarity LevelMax Supply
    Ultra Rare40
  • we have a great explainer video that shows step by step how to mint an avatar and create a template HERE

  • you can purchase Avatars on an open market on AtomicHub on EOS HERE

  • you can see whole Avatar collection on AtomicHub on EOS HERE