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Join one of 5 BOINC protocols live on Boid!


Engage in biomedical research, contributing to advancements in understanding heart diseases and neurodegenerative conditions.
Boid Team ID: 11420


Be a part of critical research in protein structure prediction and protein design, which is key to understanding biological processes and designing new therapeutics.
Boid Team ID: 36190


Contribute to the field of drug discovery by helping in the search for potential drug candidates for a variety of diseases.
Boid Team ID: 312

RNA World

Identify, analyze, structurally predict and design RNA molecules on the basis of established bioinformatics software in a high-performance, high-throughput fashion.
Boid Team ID: 6401

World Community Grid

Join efforts in addressing some of the world’s most pressing environmental and health challenges.
Boid Team ID: 0FVBH11FK2

How to run it?

You can use this link to download and install your preferred BOINC version for your platform: HERE

You can add projects from the BOINC Manager list.
For example:
BOINC Projects
Whenever you are adding a new project that we support from that list (Denis@Home, Rosetta@Home, SiDock@Home, RNA World, World Community Grid) you always have to make sure that your boid_id has been added properly and that you are part of the corresponding team.

You can switch between simple:
BOINC Simple

and advanced view: BOINC Adv

It's good not to run more than 2 protocols on one machine as there is a minimum of work units that you should be able to provide every day that will generate enough points to generate Boid Power.

In the advanced view --> Options --> Computing preferences
you can setup how much of your resources you want to provide and is BOINC should be running even when you are using the computer
BOINC Computing

What is BOINC?