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BOID token

We have a market Info BOT running on Telegram and Discord Main Channel

You can purchase BOID token on:

  • Alcor DEX on Telos Mainnet Native HERE
  • Defibox DEX on EOS Mainet Native HERE

Buying BOID with EOS or TLOS from CEX:

  • ensure that you already have an EOS or Telos account set up
  • from any exchange that has EOS or TLOS listed send your tokens to the account "swapper.boid"
  • include a memo containing your own EOS or Telos account name when sending the tokens. This step is crucial, as it ensures that your BOID tokens are correctly deposited into your account.
  • don't try to buy large amounts as it will use whatever chain liquidity that is available at that moment, slippage can potentially be high.

💡 Important IBC Info! 💡

  • BOID is currently available on EOS and Telos
  • BOID token is using an official Antelope IBC bridge
  • To move your BOID tokens between chains you must use AntelopeX
  • BOID token smart contract on EOS is deployed on boidcomtoken account
  • BOID token smart contract on Telos is deployed on token.boid account