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Upcoming Supported Protocols

Exciting Developments on the Horizon!

We are thrilled to announce that in the not too distant future, will be expanding its support to include a variety of influential and groundbreaking protocols/projects. This expansion signifies our commitment to broadening our impact and providing more opportunities for our community members to contribute to significant scientific research.

Here’s What’s Coming:

  • Einstein@Home: Dive into the realms of astrophysics, helping in the search for spinning neutron stars (also known as pulsars) using data from gravitational wave detectors.
  • AI Generated Images: Participate in the cutting-edge field of AI, helping to generate and refine images using advanced neural networks.
  • AI Custom Models: Get involved in the development and training of bespoke AI models, contributing to a range of applications from data analysis to predictive modeling.

Stay tuned for updates on when these protocols will be fully integrated into the ecosystem, complete with Boid Power rewards for your valuable contributions. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of scientific research and making a tangible impact on the world!