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NFT Actions

Documentation regarding actions related to NFT management, specifically for minting, locking, transferring, and withdrawing NFTs within the boid blockchain environment.



Mints atomicasset NFTs to a designated receiver boid account.

Input Parameters

// the receiver boid account
receiver: Account
// data for minted asset
data: MintAsset
// quantity of assets to mint
mint_quantity: u16

Logic Executes the mintasset action on the atomicassets contract for the specified mint quantity.


Locks an NFT within a boid account until a specified future round.

Input Parameters

// the boid account owner of the NFT
boid_id: Name
// the asset to be locked
asset_id: u64
// future round when the NFT unlocks
locked_until_round: u16

Authentication Requires either contract authority or owner boid account authority.


  • locked_until_round must be set to a future game round.
  • NFT must not already be locked.
  • NFTs cannot be locked for more than 200 future rounds.

Table Updates Updates the locked_until_round field in the nfts table.

Used to stake NFTs for offers or for safeguarding assets within an account.


Transfers NFTs between two boid accounts, provided they are unlocked.

Input Parameters

// originating boid account owning the NFTs
from_boid_id: Name
// destination boid account to receive the NFTs
to_boid_id: Name
// array of asset_ids to be transferred
asset_ids: u64[]

Authentication Requires authentication of the owner boid account (from_boid_id).


  • Transfer is limited to below the maximum NFTs set in configuration (30 NFTs by default).
  • NFTs must be owned by from_boid_id and not locked.
  • to_boid_id's total NFTs must not exceed the maximum allowable value post-transfer.

Table Updates

  • Removes NFT rows under from_boid_id scope in the nfts table.
  • Adds NFT rows under to_boid_id scope in the nfts table.
  • Updates NFT balances for both from_boid_id and to_boid_id accounting for the transferred assets.


Enables the withdrawal of an NFT from a boid account to an EOSIO blockchain account, ensuring the asset is not locked.

Input Parameters

// boid account holding the NFT
boid_id: Name
// array of asset_ids to be withdrawn
asset_ids: u64[]
// blockchain account to receive the NFTs
to: Name

Authentication Requires authenticated authority from the boid account owner.


  • NFTs identified by asset_ids must be owned by boid account boid_id.

Table Updates

  • Removes rows from the nfts table pertaining to the boid_id in question.
  • Decreases the nft_balance of the boid account in accounts table for each NFT withdrawn.


Sets the receiver account for receiving minted NFTs.

Authentication requires contract authority

Table Updates Inserts or updates an nftmints table singleton record indicating the boid account allowed to receive new NFT mints.


Picks up minting logs and allocates minted NFTs to the proper boid account per configuration settings.

Authentication Requires contract authority, called as a notification from another action.

Table Updates Reduces the mint_quantity_remaining in the nftmints singleton and adds NFT ownership entries in the nfts table for the receiver account.