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Become a Validator for Boid

Join the Core of Boid's Network

Are you interested in becoming a pivotal part of the Boid ecosystem? We are always on the lookout for committed individuals who want to step up as validators. Validators play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the Boid network.

Responsibilities of a Boid Validator

As a Boid validator, you will be entrusted with significant responsibilities that are essential for the smooth operation of the network:

  • Proofs of Contribution: You will provide verifications for user contributions, ensuring that efforts are accurately acknowledged and rewarded.
  • Network Security: By deploying robust infrastructure and staking a substantial amount of BOID tokens, you help in fortifying the network's security.
  • API Endpoints: Validators are responsible for maintaining API endpoints for Boid Services, facilitating transaction processes and providing solutions for historical data.

How to Become a Validator

If you are ready to take on these responsibilities and contribute to the Boid network, we encourage you to reach out to our core team. Please join the conversation in the main Boid Telegram channel and express your interest. For detailed instructions and more information, visit our repository:

👉 Become a Validator

Join us in our mission to create a more decentralized, secure, and efficient network. Your contribution as a validator is not just a role but a partnership in Boid's journey towards innovation and progress.