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Create Boid Account

To create a boid account a sponsor needs to call to pay for an account. UI will be provided to make this easy.

Fund Boid Account

To add liquid BOID to your account you can send (whole quantities) of BOID to the boid system contract with the memo formatted like "deposit boid_id=yourboididhere"

Stake Boid

After depositing liquid BOID, you can call stake to move those funds to your self_staked balance.

Unstake Boid

To unstake Boid first call unstake.init then you will need to wait the number of rounds specified in config.stake.unstake_rounds and then call unstake.end. If you want to change the amount of unstake or change your mind during the unstake period, you can call unstake.stop to remove the pending unstake and then call unstake.init again with new values.