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Frequently asked questions

How do I get Started?

Currently BOID is particpating in Folding at Home (Aka F@H) to join us go HERE and pick your version. Currently F@H supports Windows 32&64bit, macOS 10.7+, most major Linux Distros, ARM and Rasberry PI, as well as Docker ( Instructions HERE ) and vSphere (instructions HERE ).

Once you have installed F@H the first thing to do is input your user name ( your boid_id ) and team number (Boid Team: 238663).

How do I get rewarded?

When you register on the Boid Hub portal and connect your boid_id with F@H you will be rewarded with Boid Power. That will allow you to get BOID tokens.

Who is Boid for?

Boid is for anyone who wants to be part of something monumental. We designed Boid from the ground up to be as accessible as technologically possible. Anyone with a personal computer or laptop can use Boid. Our main vision is that anyone, even with basic hardware, can chip in and help shape positive change in the world.

How do I move my BOID between chains:

There is a special service run by us called AntelopeX HERE

What is a boid?

The first know use of the work was in part of an artificial life program developed by Craig Reynolds in 1986; derived from bird and -oid. Surfice it to be that the currently the accepted meaning is; A computer simulation of an animal that flies in flocks or swarms.

When did Boid start?

The original idea of Boid was spawned by the founder John Heeter in 2017.

Is Boid Safe?

Security is a top priority for Boid. We only work with the most reputable distributed science projects, and we architected the Boid app such that applications use least permissions aspects. It is also worth noting that BOINC (the original tech behind Boid) has been commonly used since the late 90s with a perfect security track record due to a robust security architecture. The core of Boid is running on an Antelope Blockchain called Telos. Boid works as a DAO so to make any important decisions about the protocol we need many signatures for the changes to be approved.

Is BOID token traded on any exchanges?

Yes, you can use Alcor Exchange on Telos Native or DefiBOX on EOS. There's a Telgram BOT that has live market data that you can use HERE to keep up to date.