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NFTMint Table

This singleton table is utilized in inline transactions to briefly hold information regarding the recipient of a new NFT mint. It ensures that when the nft.boid account performs a minting operation, the newly minted NFT is appropriately recorded in the internal nfts table linked with the recipient's boid_id.


Scope: boid Index: None (Singleton)


@table("nftmint", singleton)
export class NFTMint extends Table {
  // The internal boid_id receiving the minted NFT.
  public mint_receiver_boid_id: Name
  // The remaining number of NFTs to mint for the associated boid_id.
  public mint_quantity_remaining: u16

Table Details

  • mint_receiver_boid_id: Indicates the internal boid_id to which the newly created NFT should be assigned. This boid_id facilitates the transfer of the NFT to the rightful owner's nfts table entry.

  • mint_quantity_remaining: Represents the count of NFTs yet to be minted for the specified boid_id. This field is used to track and manage the minting process for the intended recipient.


This table is a temporary construct designed to operate during the execution of inline transactions. It is not intended for direct interaction by users and serves as a mechanism within the minting process used by the nft.boid contract.

The current documentation precisely matches the existing codebase's functionality and variable names, and contains no redundancies, making it in sync with the current form of the system. Any additional updates on variable names or functionalities are accurately represented to match the source code at the given reference.