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Auth Table

The Auth table serves to store temporary authorization records when utilizing key authentication. It holds an entry for the boid_id that has been verified through the auth action. This action, when called with a valid signature and action set, updates the Auth table with the boid_id and executes the intended actions. The system maintains a state of temporary authorization - once the authorized actions are completed, the boid_id record reverts back to the system default, typically to the boid account for system-level operations. It is a quick-lived placeholder that ensures the Auth table normally displays the default value unless an authorization process is in progress.


Scope: boid Index: None (singleton)

Table Definition

@table("auth", singleton)
export class Auth extends Table {
    public boid_id_auth: Name = new Name()
  ) {

Table Updates

  • boid_id_auth: Stores the currently authenticated boid_id. It's set during the execution of an auth action and is reset after completing the signed actions sequence. This field is a Name representing either the active authenticated account or the default system authority.

Please note that there have been changes from the previously documented actions_num property, which indicated the count of authenticated actions. In the current implementation, this property has been removed, simplifying the authorization tracking mechanism.